Using Technology in the Towing Process

Towing is a concept that has been around for many years. But it does not mean that it has stayed the same over the past few decades. Tow truck companies are always looking for new ways to make the process more efficient and safe. It is why the embrace of technology by tow truck companies is nothing new. In fact, it makes a lot of sense, as they have a lot to gain from using apps and various gadgets during the towing process.

Towing and Technology

There is misconception that towing companies are very resistant to change. But the truth is that towing companies are always working hard to try and improve the way that things are done. They want to ensure that customers are satisfied and they are making more money on every single interaction. And that is what technology can provide. It ensures that towing companies are more efficient than before.

GPS Tracking

One of the more common sense uses of technology among the towing industry is the introduction of full GPS tracking for the fleet of vehicles. A company will probably have many trucks that are out at any given moment. And now they are able to accurately track these trucks all the time.

Not only does it ensure that if an employee ever goes off book, they can be easily tracked. But it also means that it is more efficient to pick a tow truck when a customer calls in. Before GPS tracking, it was up to the attending in charge to decide who was going to go pick up the next customer. And they were fairly accurate, but sometimes drivers who were closer by were not given the assignment. GPS tracking ensures that it is always the person who can get their first that is assigned to a new job.

Towing Apps

Did you know there are towing-specific smartphone apps? These are created by app developers who work with towing companies. And the idea behind the apps is to create a checklist for their employees. When you are working for a tow truck company, it can become tedious to always do the same things when towing a car onto the truck and safely taking it away.

But the tow truck checklist apps are a great way to ensure that certain steps are always being followed. The app is opened up to the checklist when the employee is getting ready to tow. They can see what steps must be followed. And they can tick off each step when it is done. They can even do a quick rundown before driving away to ensure they every safety step was completed.

Further Advancement

More technology is on the way for towing companies. And they are certainly going to embrace that tech as they look to make their methods even more advanced. For instance, it will soon be possible for towing companies to have the types of onboard mirrors that help regular drivers assess the area around them when reversing or parking.

Such tech would be very helpful in towing, as it would show the driver exactly how much space they have to the back, when they are hauling something and driving around in regular traffic

The goal is to make tow truck companies safer, more efficient and more productive. New technology definitely helps in all those areas.