Customer Tips: How to Avoid Being Towed in a City

Many of us have experienced that agonizing moment when you go back to the location where your car was parked – only to discover that it is not there anymore. Perhaps a sign was left indicating that a car had been towed away from that location earlier. It is disheartening to know that you now have to go to a different location, pay a fine and get your car released. But how can you avoid getting into such a situation?

Obey Private Parking Space Rules

It is incredible how many people think that no one is going to notice if their car is parked in the wrong lot. For instance, many private business lots have a clear indicator saying that you can only park if you are a customer of the nearby businesses. When someone parks for an unrelated reason, there is a chance they will be towed away.

The desire to park in a nearby and convenient spot is tempting. But is it worth the risk of being towed away?

Always Check Parking Space Hours

Another common reason people get towed is because they do not realize that some parking spaces have rules for specific hours in the day. For instance, a space may be free from 12pm to 4pm, but then it requires payment before or after those hours. If someone parks at 2pm, they may think they can keep their car in that location all day without paying.

Such misconceptions or forgetfulness can lead to serious issues, as cars are towed away if they have not paid enough money to remain parked for the entire time. Say the person who parked at 2pm only returns to their car at 10pm, they have potentially gone through six hours where they did not pay to park in that spot. It is natural their car will be towed before they come back!