My Car Was Towed. How Do I Get it Back Quickly?

It happens to most people who live in and around major cities. They park their car somewhere, go off to work and run errands, return many hours later and discover their car is gone.

The first thought is that someone stole the vehicle. But when a car is towed, there is usually a sign left somewhere nearby, indicating the car was towed. Occasionally, the reason for the towing is also listed, but that is not always the case.

Regardless of how or why a car is towed, the reaction is always the same. You want to get your car back as quickly as possible. Here is a quick guide that should help with the process:

Step 1: Why Was My Car Towed?

It is important to identify why your vehicle was towed. There are many reasons that may result in a car being towed. Perhaps a police officer ran your license plate and found that your insurance is expired. Or the person who registered the license plate does not have a valid license anymore. These reasons could result in the police calling the tow truck company.

Another reason for towing is that a vehicle is parked illegally. It means that a person parked in a spot where they should not have parked. It could be due to the spot blocking a fire hydrant, the spot being for handicapped individuals only or parking in a zone where only specific individuals are allowed to park.

Some cars are also towed away because of unpaid parking tickets that are well past the due date.

Step 2: Where Is My Car?

The next question is to find out where your car was taken. It often depends on the area where you live and the reason why it was towed. For instance, a car that was towed because of unpaid parking tickets or a police-related matter will be at a different location, compared to a car towed for parking in the wrong spot.

There should be a piece of paper left behind at the spot where your car was towed from. It may be stuck to a post or some structure nearby. Use that piece of paper to call the place where your car may have been taken. There should be contact information present. Then you can go about locating your vehicle.

Step 3: Pay Fines and Get Your Car

The final step is the toughest. You will have to accept the fines that are put against you and pay them. Take your driver’s license, insurance information, proof of registration and the money for your fines. That should ensure that you are squared away so that you can get your car back!